Brian Katrek

Brad Klein

John Paul Newport

Anthony Pioppi

Geoff Shackelford  

Daniel Wexler

I have been very fortunate to develop relationships with many within the golf community. Those listed below are but a few whose work I admire and opinions I value. I highly recommend each of them and encourage you to consider them when their services may be needed by you or your club.

      Although each one knows that I consider them to be the best, I have listed them in alphabetical order.

Golf Course Photographers

Classics of Golf

Max’s Lounge

Tommy Naccarrato

Ian Andrews

Jeffrey Brauer

John Colligan

Geoffrey Cornish

Paul Cowley

Ben Crenshaw

Tripp Davis

Jim Engh

Keith Foster

Gil Hanse

Arthur Hills

Dr. Michael Hurdzan

Rees Jones

Stephen Kay

Timothy Liddy

Mike Nuzzo

Arnold Palmer

Kyle Phillips

Forrest Richardson

Steven Smyers

Jim Urbina

Stephen Weisser

Mike Young


Aidan Bradley

Joann Dost

Russell Kirk

Jim Krajicek

Evan Schiller

Others of Note

Your Golf Club Historian

Friends of Phil
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