Our mission is a simple one. It is our goal to help all those interested to  gain a knowledge and proper understanding of the history of the game.

So simple a goal, yet one that may elude even the most student of golf’s history. Why is that? It is the answer to that question that defines why Golden Age Research was created and for whom? There are many reasons. For example, golf courses are actually living things. They grow and evolve over time. Just as a youngster comes into the world giving great joy to its parents and going through many a growth spurt and challenge to their parenting skills and determination to see them become adults of which one can take pride, so too are the golf courses upon which we play this most wonderful of games.
      As our courses age, some do it gracefully while others suffer the ravages of nature and the “good intentions” of those who have the charge of caring for them. One of the great expenses for every course is the necessity to rework the course through time. This can be due to changes in technology which make the course play far differently from the intent that the architect designed to repairing where it has worn out or suffered due to maintenance issues, or a host of other reasons.
Why Research the History of the Game

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