Media Research Services

The reporting about the many facets of the game of golf is covered by an incredible spectrum of media types and sources. It is the rare exception when even a small-sized market finds itself without a weekly golf radio show syndicated from elsewhere. Just as the passionate love of the game is to be found wherever a club can be swung to meet a ball, so to there are audiences interested in watching it being played, listening to it being discussed and reading about both current exploits and the history of the game.
      Because of this, information about golf’s history is constantly needed for each of the various media types. The various television networks, in an effort to provide a more balanced and entertaining coverage, are constantly seeking information from which intriguing “piece’s” can be interspersed for the pleasures of its viewers. Often these deal with past champions, tales of the original architect or the evolution of the course to what it has become.

Your Golf Club Historian

Radio coverage has greatly expanded to where weekly shows are common and in-depth discussions of current play and the history of the game are listened to intently.

      Golf Journals and newspapers, though they tend to cover events in different manners based upon when they publish, still they have a similar need for a great deal of background information.

      We at Golden Age Research understand your needs for both fascinating and correct information. Among the areas in which we can aid you:

Long-term research in preparation for major championships and the stories they generate.

Short-term research in preparation for any tournament regardless of status (major, PGA Tour event, etc…).

Our databases and sources allow for accurate and fast fact-checking done by those intimately familiar with both the game and its history, even where it needs to be done at the last-minute.

Locating of documents, drawings, photographs and other items that may be used to enhance either broadcast or written reports.

Research for authors to aid them in their writing projects.

      Today’s economic reality demands innovative answers to meet budgetary restrictions. Golden Age Research offers you a trustworthy, dependable and accurate that you can count on for any project you may have.