In my opinion, Brian Katrek is the finest on-air golf reporter out there. This includes both radio and television. I’ve had the privilege of being on his Sunday morning Atlanta radio talk show,

“On The Green,” as a guest numerous times, as well as being a guest on his television show, “Southern Golf Weekly,” which can be found on Comcast cable.

      In addition to the ones above, you can also listen to him every morning on the Sirius XM radio network show, “Teed Off.” He also announces play-by-play on the PGA Tour Network and Tournament broadcasts.

      He can even play the game a little bit. In 2010, in 8 tournaments on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour he won times, finished 2nd once, 3rd three times and still managed a top ten by finishing 9th in the other. The courses where he won? None too shabby at all, Callaway Gardens where the PGA Tour teed it up for many years, Atlanta National Golf Club and the Frog Golf Club at the Georgian. He has also won the Smyrna City Golf Championship several times in a row now. If you want to know how many, just ask him and he’ll be more than happy to tell you.

      Now if he could only learn to putt…

For your listening pleasure, I present you a replay of his Sunday morning radio show, “On The Green.” Trust me, listen once and you’ll come back to listen in every week to on Golden Age Research.

On The Green With Brian Katrek

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